Android Hacking Apps: How to Turn Your Phone into Spy Device

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Today smartphones became our best friends for any occasion. They accompany us everywhere. We wake up with phones and fall asleep with them. Our smartphones became our communication tool, the source of information, photo and video camera, working, and entertainment tools. So why wouldn’t we turn it into the hacking device? Sounds striking, isn’t it? Read the article and find out how to use Android hacking apps and hack anyone’s mobile device.

Cell Phone Hacking Apps Can Make You a Hacker

Thanks to the latest Android cell phone apps penetrating someone’s phone is possible today. You can download a popular hacking app. It will trick the security system of the phone, then sign up using your password and get free access to all information quickly. The top Android hacking app will perform sophisticated monitoring. Each SMS or phone call will be in a full view. For better performance, a user needs to root the phone sometimes or use the Wi-Fi network. Find the details in the article.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone?

There is no doubt that not everyone who hacks someone’s cell phone or tablet is a professional hacker. He may use some reconnaissance tools, applications. Or programs shared on the Internet like zANTI Analysis Toolkit, AndroRat, Nmap, reverse phone lookup services, etc. Some apps can disable the security system and kill all evidence of their presence on the target phone or tablet. But these programs are not easy to use. We did research, and today we’ll tell you about the easy, fast, and affordable way how to track someone’s phone. Just keep reading.

Android Hacking Apps: 5 Must-Know Facts

Every user of an Android phone or iOS devices has ever thought about hacking. Maybe you’ve heard about hacking tools or read that it is possible to track someone’s device. Now you have made up your mind, but do not know how to start? First, read the main facts which you should know about Android hacking apps.

Android hacking apps work in a stealth mode

After you install the app, it will hide in the background of the operating system, will remain invisible. The owner of the device which you want to track will never notice you. Unless he is a tech geek and knows all the vulnerabilities of his phone.

Spyware is as easy as one, two, three

You don’t need to be a hacker, to know how to code or to take specialized training before you start using spyware. Interfaces of all popular spy apps are user-friendly and pleasant looking. Operations are easy to control intuitively. It doesn’t take much time, and efforts to install Android hacking tools and apps, and they are easy to use.

Hacking applications are affordable

You may think that hacking someone’s phone is a costly pleasure. But you are wrong, that times had sunk into oblivion. Now Android tracking apps are quite affordable; there are even free apps which you can find on the Internet.

They are multifunctional

Having a subscription for one of the hacking apps for Android, you obtain a massive complex of monitoring features. All data that goes through the target phone will be in front of your eyes. Check it in your online panel.

Android tracking apps can be used for different purposes

Hacking tools and apps for Android will be useful for you if you are:

  • Parent of minor kids (read about how software helps parents to control children online);
  • Employer;
  • Owner of the business;
  • A person who thinks that his partner is cheating.

What will you Get when You Use Android Spy Applications?

Google Android figure with wrench on the circuit boardIf you choose one of the top Android hacking apps, you will have an opportunity to experience a complete range of existing monitoring features. Some hacking Android apps provide sophisticated monitoring with dozens of options. Below find the list of main features.

  • Tracking SMS messages. You will be able to read all the messages that were sent or received by the owner of the target device. If the message were deleted you would have access to its copy, so the person will not hide anything from you.
  • Monitoring phone calls. Check all incoming and outgoing calls, numbers, names, duration of the calls using Android spy apps. Some apps also provide an opportunity to listen to calls remotely, the app sends you recordings of the calls, and you will be able to listen to them anytime.
  • Spying on a web browser. You can see the list of all visited websites, bookmarks, other information about the person’s web activity.
  • Tracking Calendar and Address book of the target mobile device. If you are a parent and worry about your kid, thinking of whom he is talking to when you are not around, this feature is an excellent solution for you. You will know all the people from his/her address book.
  • Monitoring social media activities. You’ll check chats, pictures, comments, other activities of the target person on social networks.
  • Tracking GPS location. The app tracks the information about the GPS location of the target device, works in a real-time, and sends logs to you. Sometimes applications provide the Geofencing option.
  • Spying on email: read all received and sent an email, enclosed files, date and time logs.

How to Turn Your Android Phone into a Hacking Device?

Hacking with Android apps is easy and enjoyable. You should follow several easy steps, and scanning of the target device will start in several minutes.

  1. Read the professional reviews of the Android spy apps and choose the best of them. Pay attention to compatibility. Top robust programs are compatible with almost all existing operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux but still double-check it.
  2. Visit the website of the Android tracking software and download the installation file on the target device;
  3. Run the installation process;
  4. Adjust customer settings;
  5. Sign up your online remote panel. You can sign in from any device which has the Internet connection and monitor all log files.

Now you can start monitoring, Android spy app tracks all information and sends logs to your panel. Connect to the server from any device with the Internet and check all logs. It is also possible to download spyware from Google Play or App Store and install on the target device. Some apps require Android to be rooted; you can read more about it here.

Is it Legal to Use Android Hacking Apps?

The ethical side of spying apps for Android or the hacking, in general, is essential, and you should take it into account. Note that we recommend you to use this kind of software only for legal purposes. We do NOT support the use of any Android app for some unethical practices. We do not take any responsibility.

TOP 5 Android Hacking Apps You Must Know About

We prepared a list of the best Android hacking apps. Each of them exploits the latest technology, reliable testing methods, making hacking with these android apps sophisticated and secure. Check them below.


mSpy was developed as a perfect Android spy app for parental control. It allows parents to be connected to their kids all the time and check SMS messages, GPS location, social media like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. The service provides 24/7 multi-language customer support. It also claims 95% customer satisfaction. It also works as a keylogger and can control and block programs which are installed on the target device.


FlexiSPY was developed to support parents and employers; it helps to protect their families and their business. Flexispy provides a lot of monitoring features, including exclusive ones. With this Android spy app, you can manage the Internet usage remotely, activate the mic of the phone and listen to the environments, use the phone call interception option, etc. There are two packages: Premium and Extreme. The price depends on the range of the features and period of the subscription (1, 3, 12 months).


OwnSpy is a multi-purpose and multi-functional Android spyware which is 100% undetectable. It provides immediate logging once it is installed. With OwnSpy you can use automatic three-way phone call option and be aware of all phone calls of the owner of the target phone. Significantly, the service gives one week free, and you can try it and decide is it useful for you or not. This spyware is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets. There are three packages Basic, Gold and Premium; the lowest price is 19.99 € for 30 days subscription that is quite affordable.


Hoverwatch tracking app is reliable basic spyware compatible with Android, Windows PC, Mac OS X. It is invisible and provides a wide range of monitoring features for a reasonable price. There are packages for personal usage (monitors 1 device), for families (5 devices) and business (up to 25 devices). Hoverwatch is a very advantageous offer for parents and business owners. They have an opportunity to save money by tracking many devices and buying only one subscription.

iKeyMonitor Android spy software

iKeyMonitor is known as reliable and multifunctional Android hacking app. This tracker offers call interception allowing listening to live calls. The app supports cross-platform for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows PC, MAC, iOS/Android tablet. Significantly, the service has a 10 days money-back guarantee option which is an advantage if something goes wrong. The service has different packages. There are packages for phones, tablets, computers, and ‘all in one’ box, but all prices are affordable.


There is a significant number of Android spy apps that are available for different purposes. We tried to give you information about the most reliable and comprehensive Android hacking apps. Tell us about your favorite spying tool. Comment on your experience or ask a question, our team will be happy to answer.


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