Find Out How StingRay Devices Can Be Obtained and Used

Cell Phone Surveillance Each time you use your cell phone, you may have no idea that someone is spying. We are not telling you that your cell phone is a bugging device for sure. However, as a mobile user, you should be aware of the certain risks as well as your own opportunities. Most of the mobile developers do not announce a full list of opportunities you may receive after installing cell phone surveillance tools.

You may wonder how modern police operates. Most of the cases are disclosed thanks to the wide range of surveillance technology and spying apps. The good news is that every citizen can download, install, and start using such software today. As admitted by the NSA and other organizations, the usage of surveillance technology is absolutely lawful. In any case, it is better to become an attacker instead of being a victim of this offense.

Before you get to data tracking apps, it is important to read about several nuances. Cell phone surveillance software makes it possible to watch every step and location of various mobile users. Police departments spy on the target device activities to prevent possible criminal activity and minimize the risks for the entire population. You may guess that the software trusted by the official government entities is 100% effective and reliable. Thus, you may be interested in learning more about StingRay and other data tracking technology.

If you are a caring parent, who would like to master similar technology to access the personal information of your kids, explore how safe it is to use surveillance tools and spy apps.

IMSI Catcher and StingRay: What’s It All About?

Cell Phone Surveillance To begin with, it is crucial to understand how exactly your mobile device is tracking your location. To make it easy, once you call, a radio transmitter and receiver inside are on automatically. These tools try to connect your cell phone to the closest cellular tower or another network hot spot which is available. Look at the bars on your screen to see how powerful the signal is.

The call sent from your device travels across the cellular network all the way to the target user. In case you send a message or start chatting, the mechanism works the same way. Web data tracking requires both internet access and connection to the network. The cellular cannot identify user’s exact location all the time. However, it has a general idea depending on the tower’s location. The strength of the surrounding tower signals also matters when defining your location. After the mobile company locates your overall area, a StingRay or similar technology like it can focus on the street or the construction or even the exact room with your gadget.

The surveillance software from StingRay can be applied to cars, airplanes, helicopters, and other types of transport. Here is the list of the active mode operations:

  1. Data tracking (e.g. International Mobile Subscriber Identity)
  2. Preparing cellular protocol metadata
  3. Increasing signal transmission power
  4. Monitoring communications content
  5. Defining the locations of the mobile user
  6. Denying the service attack
  7. Encryption key retrieving
  8. Radio jamming
  9. Forcing an abundance of radio signals to be transmitted

How Can Police Monitor the Particular Site?

Cell Phone Surveillance As you may know, cell phones possess different original digital identifiers. That’s why cellular or Wi-Fi networks can make decisions if your cell phone has permission to conduct data tracking on that particular network. Since 1996, Rohde & Schwarz introduced IMSI catchers to track original mobile device IDs. Several organizations today offer these catchers to law enforcement and security organizations all over the globe.

Just like StingRay, an IMSI catcher can define and track your mobile device. This surveillance software can also forbid a cell phone user to call or message. Sometimes, it can even record the full incoming/outgoing calls. You need to know your rights to realize that these actions are in law today.

At the same time, this technology is restricted in range. It means that a mobile user should be close to the IMSI catcher to be identified. The closer you are to the spot the higher chances are that the catcher will determine your exact location. That is why to find a particular target, police often use surveillance technology to track every single mobile user in the area.

Can I Monitor the Mobile Activity with the Help of Cell Phone Surveillance?

Cell Phone Surveillance You may have this question once you read about several available cell phone surveillance technologies. Only police and other federal authorities have access to the most powerful surveillance tech like StingRay or IMSI catchers. Still, any cell phone user should know that there are special spying applications that can be found on the internet for free.

They might be a bit less accurate and powerful, but it is the best way to monitor the activity of your close people.

Such information was not available just a several years ago. Then, a spy mobile device software development was the competence of the cell phone producers only. Thanks to the Android and App Store, modern mobile users can download spying applications as well. There are many cell phone surveillance and spy apps available on the internet now.

You can purchase data tracking software to do all manner of spying things on your cell phone. According to the latest news, monitoring apps become more and more popular from day to day. It increases the overall demand for this product. Thus, the majority of spy apps are free of charge or cost really cheap. Everyone can turn his favorite device into a listening tech by downloading and installing one of these solutions:

  • Android Spectre Spy Software
  • Ultra Spy Software
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Ultra Spy
  • BlackBerry Ghost Spy Software
  • Mobile Phone Device Seizure
  • iRecovery Stick
  • mSpy (you may learn how to set up it here)
  • FlexiSpy
  • PhoneSheriff
  • MobiStealth

It is just a short list of all possible solutions for your cell phone. They will allow remote access to the target mobile device from any point of the world.

Why Download and Install Surveillance Technology?

Thanks to the various data tracking and location identifying features, one will be able to monitor child’s activity, spouse’s communications, co-worker’s browser history, and more. As a rule, it is impossible to guess that you are using some surveillance tools. The spy apps are completely hidden on the target device.

The world of cell spy apps is still unexplored in full. However, we are ready to share the most useful information on their features, installation process, and benefits. It is time to find out all you ever wanted to know about surveillance tools and spy technology!


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