How to Tell if Your Cell Phone is being Tracked, Tapped, or Monitored

Our modern world is full of new technologies which features become unlimited lately. This article will tell people how to tell if your cell phone is being tracked, tapped or monitored. Today, phone became an obsession for people.

They transfer a lot of private information while use Facebook, make posts, or send text messages via phone. We see people are stuck in their phones at work and at home, and even during the date. This short guide contains tips on how to tell if your cell phone is being tracked or tapped by spy software and understand everything about phone tapping.

In the early years, people used cell phones mostly for simple calls. Now, people privacy and personal life may is not so private anymore. People can send a lot of data from phone to phone, and most of them don’t get an idea someone can intercept this information using spying programs (like mSpy).

There are different issues when parents track their child’s phone to see he or she is safe. According to government laws, spying on someone’s phone is illegal. People may never suspect someone is using a spy software to hack their phone. You may feel angry and shocked knowing someone is spying on your mobile phone.

It’s not pleasant to realize someone is listening to your calls, tracking your number, knowing your address and having an access to all phone applications. Stop panic and try not to worry! Read our article and learn all secrets about spy apps, and how to define if someone is listening to your mobile conversations. Become an expert in security and protect your online privacy on phone. Internet hackers won’t make any bad things to you.

Signs Your Cell Phone is being Tracked by Spy Software

When you use Wi-Fi or cellular network on your phone, keep in your mind your device can be a good target to hack. Don’t worry and try to observe. We will provide you with five simple signs that could be helpful to detect if someone uses spyware on your Android or iOS phone.

  1. Your phone behavior is odd. It can suddenly light up in the night, make weird beeping noises, shutting without your control, running some application automatically without permission. This is the most notable sign how to tell if your phone is tapped; if it is happening regularly, it means your phone may become a spot for hackers.
  2. Remember that your phone may behave strangely even without being spied. You can try to delete all apps you don’t use for a long time, though if your phone keeps making weird sounds and doesn’t work properly, your next step is checking device for hidden spy software.
  3. If you noticed your mobile battery life decreased, suspicious spy apps (like FlexiSpy) that use extra data can cause this problem. A reason can be not in this, and your battery could lose juices because it’s old. We suggest paying your attention to the fact when you started to charge your phone constantly without using it a lot.

….and More Things You Should Pay Attention to…


  1. Try to check battery usage by monitoring your daily activity on the mobile during a day. You may try to remove apps you don’t use and see if something is changed. If your battery power indicator still shows your phone is going to shut after several hours after you charged it 100%, it seems someone has hacked your device.
  2. Your mobile shuts down even with a full battery, and you need to turn it on constantly. If this problem is regular, it can signal that someone is monitoring your smartphone.
  3. Background noises during calls can be a sign of bad or poor connection, though some case can cause you to hear static, clicking, voices and unusual beeping. These are evidence for detecting a spy app on your mobile easily.
  4. You keep receiving unusual SMS with completely weird information. If you receive such sudden texts regularly for many times, it’s not hard to understand someone hacked your phone. It can be random code – numbers, characters, and symbols. You see them due to spy app that works by sending coded messages to your mobile.

How a Phone Tracker App Works?

A phone tracker app is a program that monitors your phone remotely. It gives a possibility to determine your location and helps to record all types of conversation on the mobile. The powerful software uses GPS phone tracker to get a remote control on devices. It is smart to set and define your current place and address. Not just hackers can use such apps, there may be parents that want to know about their kids’ physical appearance.

Do you want to find programs for tracking phone number? Create an account and upload it from websites you can trust. You can buy and install such apps online – read the file with details about terms of its usage, pay bills, and search for settings. If you didn’t get any experience earlier, leave your doubts. Spy apps are similar so you will learn quickly! We will help you to put all basic things in order to create a strong knowledge at the point.

How to Detect Spy Software?

You need to get familiar with spy apps and discover how they work. It’s much easier than you think – learn the main features of these services and get an understanding how they process. We suggest using reliable sources to get detailed information. Any business company can become a target of spies that will easily upload secret files and give a huge problem to owners due to breaking a copyright law.


According to laws, police must bring illegal spies to the jail or force them to pay big penalties because it’s crime related to breaking human rights. Even simple people could become targets of spies. That’s why you need to aware everything about spy programs to understand how to secure your privacy and prevent hackers’ subtle attacks. It’s impossible to close yourself from this problem, and the decision is obvious – you have to be well-informed about this problem to solve it easily. You can read many detailed reviews about spying software on this site.

Check Your iPhone for Spy Soft

If you want to install spy apps on the Apple iPhone, it requires jailbreaking. If you didn’t jailbreak the phone, you need to get information if someone did it; check the Installer app on the home screen – other names are Icy and Cydia. If you have found them, it means your cell phone jailbroken by unknown user. The spy program is stealth and it hides the Installer App from main menu.

You can try to find it, the installer file can be on phone memory or on the SD card. It’s harder to check iPhone’s directories compared with Android phone. You can upgrade the device manually to the latest version via iTunes (reset the phone). Don’t forget to save all important data before this process, including emails and messages. You will easily remove all external software you have uploaded on your device from not Apple; later make sure you set your mobile back to normal working.

We hope the article is useful and all information we share is helpful. We tried to answer a lot of questions. Don’t give spies any chance to manage your device no longer, and simply have a safe talk on the phone with people you love!


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