Top 5 Keylogger Apps for iPhone

Recording Each Keyboard Button StrikeNothing works better if it comes to robust and reliable protection of your family or controls your employees online than iPhone keylogger software. You can block the forbidden content. However, it is just impossible to ban everything. So, the best parent’s choice is a reliable keylogger.

To help you find and download the best keylogger software for iOS, we gathered the most reliable and popular iPhone keylogger applications. They include mSpy, Kidlogger, Highster Mobile, FlexiSpy, and Pumpic. We have tested each software and made our decision about each of the claims. Please, notice that all the mentioned key logger programs you can download free of charge. Most of them are developed to work via iOS. Our list will be interesting to any other OS users.

What is a keylogger?

Let’s learn more about this type of monitoring  – keylogger software that everyone can easily find and download online.

There are lots of things and rumors going on around keyloggers, and most of them are true. Yes, hackers and digital thieves use these programs to get your passwords and personal data. There is, however, always another side of a coin, right?

What if keylogger software can be used for a good reason? This parental control tool allows you to know more about your kid, protect them from questionable and harmful online content, and even prevent bullying cases. Such software would be your eyes in the digital world where modern kids sometimes feel themselves even better than in the real one. Some of these programs are simple, and you may quickly learn how to deal with them. It would be a great tool to hack the phone of your spouse or track your employees’ activity on the corporate smartphone or computer.

So, you have decided to monitor someone’s activity via the iPhone. Well, you are not alone. Fortunately, humanity already invented software and devices that can help you to monitor the use of any devices, and iOS phones are not the exception. These programs are called keyloggers, and they can easily be found online on the internet. If you feel that someone close to you is being exposed to something terrible and offending, you should get yourself such monitor software.

The best iPhone Keyloggers 2019

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mspy packageAre looking for some comprehensive set of tools to monitor and control the internet activity of the user? mSpy keylogger software for iPhone and Mac would be a perfect choice. Your home computer will be under permanent and reliable control, protecting your kids from inappropriate content. This software goes along with any iOS & Windows version.
mSpy application is not just a simple keylogger; that function is only one of many others available. So, with the help of mSpy, you can: block some certain websites, track the online activity of users without their knowledge, set the search engines to show only appropriate content with specific keywords.

Download mSpy Keylogger


Flexispy KeyloggerAre looking for a simple monitoring software with a set of options that will help you to deal with your doubts and anxiety? Flexispy software would be the easiest and the perfect choice. It has the following functions: password control, application control, calls, and SMS monitoring. That is it, as simple as it gets. This is one of the most popular iOS spy applications because of its simplicity and reliability. It has a user-friendly interface. Also, there are two paid versions: Premium and Extreme. The last one opens such options like password cracking, recording of phone calls, controlling microphone and camera; plus it has spoofing tools. Read the full review here.

Download FlexiSpy Keylogger

Highster Mobile

Highster MobileThis software will protect your family and spy on your employees online 24/7. Highster Mobile has only a paid version. Of course, there is a keylogger function built into this software, but there are also such helpful points as blocking of the inappropriate web content and monitoring of the search engines. So, to know how long and often your employees or children have been on Facebook, use this software. You can even get all the info about their account, read their messages, and track their location with the help of GPS.

Download Highster Mobile

Auto Forward

Auto ForwardThis software is one of the most significant examples of a top-class iPhone keylogger. With the help of Auto Forward, you will have more opportunities than any other monitoring software can give you. This keylogger will show you track of chats your children had. You will be able to see with whom they were speaking with and what’s been said during that conversation. Isn’t it impressive?

Although this app is designed for parental control, you can easily use it to spy on your employees or partner.  As you see, Auto Forward is not just a typical keylogger software. It tracks conversations and all the applications that the person uses on the computer or smartphone. You will also see the content he/she downloads on devices and the time spent on the computer.

Download Auto Forward

Pumpic iPhone Keylogger

This is another parental software on our list. With this iPhone keylogger on board, your kids will be protected from any Internet dangers. You should note that this program controls sexting from both sides of the conversation. So your child would not be able to read and to text any inappropriate messages. It also can be used to monitor your employees’ activity or to spy on your spouse.

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ATTENTION: These apps are designed only for the legal tracking of children and employees.


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