How to Track Somebody’s Phone?

Do I Need to Track My Device? If you wonder why one would like to track a phone, then you have never seen the following statistics. Forty-four percent of cell phones get stolen because people leave them in public places. Around 15 percent of phones get stolen straight from cars and houses. In general, the cost of all lost phones in the USA each year is around $30 billion. You are lucky if your device has never been lost or stolen. But now you can see why you should have a chance to track a phone.

5 best apps to track your or somebody’s smartphone

Where Do People Lose Their Phones?

In case you think that there must be certain places where people leave their phones most often, you are totally right.  So, what are the places?

Your Purse

This may sound crazy, but a lot of people lose their phones when they are in their purses. You can be sure that your cell phone is not there, but when you friend calls you, it will ring straight from your purse. This is annoying, but at least, you will track it for sure. Sometimes our purses seem much bigger than they truly are.

Bars and Restaurants

Good wine, nice food, interesting conversations… You know that your cell phone lies right here, next to your plate. Yet, when you are ready to get into the car and go home, a server will find you and give you the phone that you left on the table. Be careful with bars! Not only can you leave a device on the table, but also you can take somebody else’s device instead. Make sure you check whether you took your own device before you go home. It is better not to let anybody have access to your personal information. Besides, the biggest number of phones gets lost at night, between 9 pm and 2 am. So, you can track the connection here.

Roof of the Car

This way of losing phones can seem strange, but it exists and it is common. As drivers now use Bluetooth headsets, they tend to leave their phones on the roof of their cars when they try to amplify the signal. Too bad it is problematic to track a device if it falls down ad gets destroyed. So, drivers should be careful and pay attention to whether they left their phones on the roof.

Public Transport

If we are bored while we are on the bus and we have Internet access, we forget about the real world and get lost online. Unfortunately, this way a lot of people lose their phones. Either phones just are left on the seats or get stolen. The result is the same. It is unlikely that you will track your device and get it back. So, your best option is to cancel your service and not let somebody else access your personal data.

Airplanes and Airports

A ten-hour flight is always extremely exhausting. For some reason, people believe that if they put their phones in the seat pocket in front of them, they will remember to take them ten hours later. In fact, losing phones this way means you have a  low chance of getting it back. You might be able to track it, but does it really matter if it is ten thousand miles away from you.


How do you usually kill time while you are on the back seat of a cab? We bet you send messages to your friends or google something. By doing so you get a risk of losing your precious device and never getting it back. Of course, if your taxi driver was a nice honest person, then you are lucky and have a chance to see your phone in your hands again.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools have a higher risk of danger. You can imagine what happens to a device which lies in the pocket of somebody’s shorts or swimsuit. We think you will easily track it in your pocket, but we doubt you will ever be able to use it again. Keep this in mind and try to forget about your phone while you are in the pool.

Use phone tracking app in case you loose your device

If you know you might lose your device or your children could do that, protect it with a tracking tool which can help you track any cell phone. Today you can find various mobile spy apps that allow you track phones. Some of these apps are free of charge, but the most effective ones you will need to buy.

If you have an iPhone, a Windows or Android phone, you will easily find an app that will be compatible with the operating system your device is running. Mobile spy apps can trace the exact current GPS location of all phones. All you need to do to track phones is to install an app on the target phone. If you want to track what you child/girlfriend/employee is doing while using the phone, you will find these apps useful.

They let us track other people’s phone calls and the numbers that are calling. With these tools, we can track sent and received SMS and MMS messages. We can track all the multimedia files. Mobile spy apps let us track people’s social media activity and read Viber, WhatsApp, and Snapchat text messages.

We can track people’s browsing history and bookmarks. It is also possible to track people’s email and have access to their notes and calendar with these tools. It has never been so easy to track somebody’s phone.

To find out more about TOP10 best apps that let you track somebody’s phone with not physical access go to the main page of our website.

ATTENTION: These apps are designed only for tracking children and employees.


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